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Should Domi have received a penalty for hitting Swayman?


Do you think the Oilers will be able to move money and stay a top 10 team next year?

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Are you glad that Sportsnet is selling off their hockey broadcasts?


Do you think Nylander will be back in the lineup tonight for the Leafs?


Are you happy with Paul Coffey's job as assistant coach of the Oilers?


Have you ever seen a fan fight break out in an Edmonton Oilers game this year?


What should be the next Canadian NHL team?


Do you think this was a dive by Marchand or a legitimate penalty?


Will Philip Broberg play in this playoff series for the Edmonton Oilers?

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Will the Oilers win the Stanley Cup this year?


Are you surprised Stone is back in the lineup for Vegas' game one of the playoffs?


Should the Oilers have called up Olivier Rodrigue or Jack Campbell ans ann emergency goalie instead?


Do you think the Winnipeg Jets are frauds?


Will the Oilers re-sign Oilers forward Warren Foegele this summer?


Which NHL playoff series this year will be the biggest rivalry?


Have you ever seen fans fight in the stands of an NHL playoff game?


Who should be the next Edmonton Oilers general manager?

Brad Holland318.1 %
Keith Gretzky11028.8 %
Mark Hunter13134.3 %
Other11028.8 %

Should this have been called a penalty in the NHL playoffs?

Yes, it's a penalty10817.9 %
No, it's a dive42570.5 %
It's a penalty, but not in playoffs274.5 %
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Do you think Mark Stone could've come back from injury sooner?

Yes, for sure57781.2 %
No, he was really injured8011.3 %
See Results547.6 %

Will Kane and Janmark play in game 1 for the Oilers playoffs?

Yes, they'll both play17043.4 %
Kane will play, Janmark won't9825 %
Janmark will play, Kane won't6817.3 %
Both won't play5614.3 %

Will Evander Kane play through an injury in game one of the playoffs?

Yes, he'll be in35371.3 %
No, he'll be out12124.4 %
See Results214.2 %

Will Craig Conroy trade Jacob Markstrom in the offseason?

Yes31383.9 %
No6016.1 %

Do you think the new Utah team should be in the Pacific or Central division?

Pacific24346.6 %
Central27853.4 %

Would you place a bet on the Edmonton Oilers to win the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

Yes, it's the year21539.2 %
No, they won't win23142.2 %
Gambling is stupid7012.8 %
See Results325.8 %

Have you noticed this weakness from Ekholm and the Oilers?

Yes, he can't play the puck on a backhand12323.4 %
No, haven't seen it17132.5 %
No truth to this at all16130.6 %
See Results7113.5 %

Did the Oilers make the right roster move sending down Broberg and Erne for playoffs?

Yes, it's the right choice28865.2 %
No, Broberg should stay up9321 %
No, Erne should stay up214.8 %
See Results409 %

Are you happy with the relocation of the Coyotes to Salt Lake City?

Yes50363.6 %
No28836.4 %

Do you think Knoblauch should've started Pickard or Skinner for tonight's Oilers game?

Skinner14723.4 %
Pickard29747.3 %
Call up Jack Campbell tonight14523.1 %
See Results396.2 %

Would you agree with the petition to Sportsnet to get Jack Michaels on the Oilers playoff broadcast?

Yes, Michaels would be awesome65979.4 %
No, not a fan13416.1 %
See Results374.5 %
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Do you think it's a mistake for the Utah NHL team to not be named for their first year?

Yes143165.5 %
No55625.5 %
See Results1979 %

Do you think the Arizona Coyotes will return to the NHL via relocation in five years?

Yes, they'll be back19928.8 %
No way46266.9 %
See Results304.3 %

Do you think this will be Gagner's last game before retirement?

Yes, he will retire38072.2 %
No, he's got more in him12123 %
See Results254.8 %

What should be the start time for Edmonton Oilers playoff games?

8:30 MT is fine8414.3 %
7:30 MT40268.6 %
5:30 MT10017.1 %

Have you seen a fight fight break out at an Edmonton Oilers game?

Yes, it happens too much12834.5 %
No, never seen it20555.3 %
See Results3810.2 %

Will two time Stanley cup winner Jeff Carter be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Yes17647.7 %
No19352.3 %

Do you think the Coyotes will return to the NHL after this relocation to Utah?

Yes14427.6 %
No35868.7 %
See Results193.6 %

Are you sad to see Fleury retire?

Yes, a legend31072.1 %
No, not a fan9421.9 %
See Results266 %

Do you think the Oilers should keep Gagner Called Up for the playoffs?

Yes, he's worth the roster spot35276.5 %
No, he's not a fit anymore8618.7 %
See Results224.8 %

Were you a fan of Korpikoski on the Oilers?

Yeah, I liked him7829 %
Not a fan16461 %
See Results2710 %

Do you think the Oilers would beat the Vegas Golden Knights in the first round of the playoffs?

Yes40466.3 %
No11218.4 %
It'll be very close8313.6 %
See Results101.6 %

Will the Vancouver Canucks live up to their chirps and win a playoff round this year?

Yes, they'll win at least one round25559.6 %
No, first round exit16338.1 %
See Results102.3 %

Do you think Oilers fans will show up and answer the call to wear white?

Yes, for sure22259.8 %
No, won't be that big13436.1 %
See Results154 %

Will Fleury retire after this contract is up?

Yes, for sure20873.8 %
No, I don't think so6924.5 %
See Results51.8 %

Have you ever tried the sponsorship drinks of the NHL?

Yes, I've tried them3815 %
No, never had them21082.7 %
See Results62.4 %

Do you think Broberg will make the Oilers out of training camp next year?

Yes21273.6 %
No6221.5 %
See Results144.9 %

Do you think the rise in ticket prices is too much too fast?

Yes, they raised them too quick39591 %
No, it's worth it for this team235.3 %
See Results163.7 %

Were you a fan of Jack Edwards?

Yes, I love Homer announcers7737.4 %
No, announcers shouldn't be fans10450.5 %
See Results2512.1 %

Which ten qualifies for the the last playoff slot?

Capitals13164.5 %
Red Wings2612.8 %
Penguins3818.7 %
Flyers83.9 %

Do you think Connor McDavid and the Oilers will win the Stanley Cup this year?

Yes, they're going all the way19054.3 %
No, not yet15243.4 %
See Results82.3 %

Do you think Mailloux will be a star player in the NHL?

Yes5335.1 %
No8858.3 %
See Results106.6 %

Will the Avalanche lose in the first round if Alexander Georgiev cant turn things around ?

Yes20284.5 %
No3715.5 %

Do you think the Buffalo Sabres will make the playoffs after firing their coach?

Yes3819.7 %
No15077.7 %
See Results52.6 %

Will Connor McDavid win the MVP award this season?

Yes12143.8 %
No15556.2 %

Have you ever seen the broadcast make this mistake and go to ads during a game before?

Yes, it happens7841.7 %
No, first time seeing if9651.3 %
See Results137 %

Do you think the Nashville Predators will win a round in the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

Yes, they could totally win a round8442.9 %
No, they'll be eliminated early10654.1 %
See Results63.1 %

Do you think Bunting has a problem with diving?

Yes, it's ridiculous11587.8 %
No, it's not a problem129.2 %
See Results43.1 %

Will Draisaitl and Lindholm face off against each other in the playoffs?

Yes, the Oilers and Canucks will meet10959.6 %
No, they won't cross paths6435 %
See Results105.5 %

Do you think Klim Kostin would ever return to the Oilers?

Yes, it's a great fit for both sides13058 %
No, can't see it happening7935.3 %
See Results156.7 %

Will the Arizona Coyotes return to the NHL as an expansion team within 5 years?

Yes, the Coyotes will be back3822.5 %
No, they were a failure12372.8 %
See Results84.7 %

Do you think McDavid will record his 100th assist in his first game back from injury?

Yes15891.3 %
No105.8 %
See Results52.9 %

Who won the fight between Hunt and Jenik?

Dryden Hunt1114.3 %
Jan Jenik destroyed him4761 %
Draw1316.9 %
See Results67.8 %

Do you think Skinner will win a Vezina trophy in his career?

Yes9548.7 %
No9247.2 %
See Results84.1 %

Have you ever seen a fan fight break out in the stands of an NHL game?

Yes6858.1 %
No4740.2 %
See Results21.7 %

Do you think Mattinen will actually find his way to playing for the Leafs?

Yes, he could be a project2026 %
No, such a long shot3748.1 %
No way to know1722.1 %
See Results33.9 %

Will Broberg play the next full season with the Edmonton Oilers?

Yes16972.5 %
No5222.3 %
See Results125.2 %

How far can the Avalanche go in the playoffs?

First round exit10550.5 %
Possibility of winning a round5325.5 %
Deep playoff threat3315.9 %
Cup contenders178.2 %

Will the NHL have a Phoenix hockey team within 5 years?

Yes4523.6 %
No14676.4 %

How many more games will McDavid play this year after returning from injury?

He'll play one game5929.1 %
He'll play two games or more9245.3 %
He won't return3617.7 %
See Results167.9 %

Do you think the Edmonton Oilers will call up Broberg near the end of the season?

Yes10974.1 %
No3322.4 %
See Results53.4 %

Are you happy that the Coyotes relocation is happening?

Yes19580.9 %
No4619.1 %

Will the Utah NHL team be a success?

Yes, they'll stay in the league long term15159.9 %
No, they will fizzle out8232.5 %
See Results197.5 %

Do you think the Utah NHL team will sign a top free agent this offseason?

Yes, players will go there24059.4 %
No, it'll take time14034.7 %
See Results245.9 %

Will the Oilers beat the Kings in more or less than six games?

Oilers win in less than 6 games10442.6 %
Oilers win in 67329.9 %
Oilers win in 7229 %
Kings beat the Oilers4518.4 %

Should the Oilers sign Desharnais even if he asks for $3M a year in his contract?

Yes, he's worth $3M11449.6 %
No, not worth $3M10445.2 %
See Results125.2 %

Should the NHL take action to fix the LTIR playoff problem that Mark Stone and Vegas use?

Yes, it's a problem that needs to be fixed30485.9 %
No, it's all within the rules4211.9 %
See Results82.3 %

Do you think Connor McDavid should return to the lineup ASAP or rest the injury longer?

Return as soon as possible3315.3 %
Rest the injury, no rush17380.1 %
See Results104.6 %

How many rounds will the Oilers play in this year's playoffs?

13611.6 %
25919 %
35517.7 %
416051.6 %

Would Oscar Klefbom be a top four defenceman on this year's Oilers?

Yes18160.9 %
No9833 %
See Results186.1 %

Who won the fight between Max Domi and Simon Nemec?

Domi8655.5 %
Nemec2717.4 %
Draw2415.5 %
See Results1811.6 %

How man games do you think Connor McDavid will miss with his injury?

One more game7432.2 %
Two more games8838.3 %
He'll be back next game3113.5 %
More than three more games3716.1 %

Will the Noah Hanifin contract turn out to be a good deal for Vegas?

Yes, it's a Good contract6632.5 %
No, it's an Overpay12762.6 %
See Results104.9 %