Ron MacLean on the Hockey Night broadcast.
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Ron MacLean makes painfully awkward moment in post game interview

Published March 24, 2024 at 10:15

As he's gotten older, Ron MacLean has made some real awkward moments on TV in the last few years, and last night's iteration was real bad.

After the Oilers and Leafs game, the Hockey Night in Canada crew brought on Bobby McMann for an interview after a two goal game. MacLean brought up to McMann his hometown of Wainwright, Alberta, and brought up a convoluted story about Glen Sather's mother.

You're too young, you don't know Bobby, but Glen Sather's mom had a shop in Wainwright. Did you know this? Did you know Glen Sather had a history there? Well, he's the king of swagger, and you just demonstrated you're cut from the same cloth as his Mom and all the beautiful dresses - that's why Glen was such a great haberdasher and he would always look the best of any player.

Bobby McMann clearly had no idea what MacLean was talking about, and the entire thing becoming a story about a dress shop became a little awkward on the broadcast.

Right now, MacLean is kind of the last of the old act on the Hockey Night broadcast. More often than not, he's coming across as behind the times now and creating these weird moments on the broadcast. The rest of the crew isn't particularly good either, but Hockey Night needs to pick a direction and actually commit to it.
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Ron MacLean makes painfully awkward moment in post game interview

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