Leafs celebrating a goal against the Edmonton Oilers.
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Bobby McMann takes a direct shot at the Edmonton Oilers roster

Published March 24, 2024 at 9:03

After last night's game, Leafs forward Bobby McMann took a direct shot at the Oilers roster, saying the Leafs are simply better.

The Leafs came out hard last night and took a beating to the Oilers in the first 40 minutes, capitalizing on every chance they got while the Oilers didn't match the intensity. Leafs' depth forward Bobby McMann was a big part of the effort, scoring 2 goals and an assist. After the game, McMann took no prisoners in his post game comments.

We came out with an attitude that we know we're a better team, and we want to dictate the play from the start.... Proud of us for that. Yeah, they have some skilled players, and they pushed back a little bit. But we took it to them enough that it didn't matter.

McMann didn't hold back and fully declared Toronto a better team than Edmonton. It'd be more common to hear McMann say that the Leafs are the underdogs and they rose up for a good win, but instead he went for the direct approach of just putting the Oilers down.

Of course he's going to say this on the Leafs roster, though. We're seeing the Leafs and Oilers rivalry from the days of the Canadian division still hanging over the games today.

Still, McMann will likely be proven wrong this spring when the Leafs see the Oilers go much further in the playoffs. Despite last night's win, the Leafs still have plenty of holes in their roster and no talent as good as McDavid.
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Bobby McMann takes a direct shot at the Edmonton Oilers roster

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