Max Domi fighting Mattias Janmark.
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Janmark and Domi drop the gloves in fight with famous enforcer watching

Published March 24, 2024 at 6:30

As the Leafs and Oilers game got out of hand last night, the physicality ramped up with a fight between Mattias Janmark and Max Domi.

With nearly eight minutes left in the game, Domi and Janmark got together for an argument that took them all the way to the Leafs end boards. The two popped off their gloves there, with Janmark landing some quick and heavy punches to start the fight. As it went on, Domi was able to distance himself, then he came back with some wild throwing right uppercuts against Janmark before pulling him down to the ice. Overall, it semed to be a close result as both players landed some bombs.

Domi got up smiling and laughing, and the broadcast showed that his father, former NHL enforcer Tie Domi was in the stands watching on.

It's great to see Janmark willing to drop the gloves and raise the physicality in the Oilers bottom-six, because last night may have proved the team needs it in their bottom six. The Oilers had a tough time handling the physicality from the Leafs, and they were put away in the first and second period to really dissuade any potential comeback. The Oilers nearly made the game interesting in the third, but it didn't quite get there.

Unfortunately for fans of both teams, these two won't meet again this season unless it's a Stanley Cup final. That might cause a mass wave of heart problems across Canada, but it would be absolutely worth it for the incredible hockey.
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Janmark and Domi drop the gloves in fight with famous enforcer watching

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