Oilers fans within a Leafs fan watch party
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Oilers fans and Leafs fans clash during playoff watch party

Published May 3, 2024 at 9:56

The NHL playoffs in Canada is always red hot. Fans in every city (except Vancouver) host outdoor watch parties, which become a great place for fans to gather and watch the game. But with so many fans in one area, things can get crazy.

Weirdly enough, some Oilers fans have been consistently appearing in the Leafs fan square through the playoffs, sticking out on television in their full orange jersey and Oilers flag. At the end of game 6, one Leafs fan hilariously looked like he had enough of the Oilers faction, and tried to take their flag and walk off.

Fortunately for the Oilers fans, they were able to retrieve their flag just before the Leafs fan walked off. Obviously, we here at OilersDaily is all for repping the team at all times, and it's hilarious to see these fans get under the skin of Leafs fans just by being a neutral third party to their playoff series.

Since officially punching their ticket to the second round, some great reactions have been pouring in from Oilers fans everywhere. Their own playoff watch party outside Rogers Place was out doing a conga line when La Bamba played after the win. Fans have decorated their entire houses with Oilers decorations. Even fans on vacation on are gathering to watch Oilers games wherever they can.

Of course, there has been some more publicized problems of some fights breaking out in the Oilers watch party While that does happen, the vast majority of the fans are just there to have a good time and enjoy the game with others.

The reactions of this year's playoffs has been simply incredible from Oilers fans everywhere. Having watched this team come back from near last place to where they are now, Oilers fans know this team feels different - like they won't be denied a Stanley Cup this year.
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Oilers fans and Leafs fans clash during playoff watch party

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