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Brad Marchand shoves linesman
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Brad Marchand dodges a game misconduct after shoving an official

Published May 2, 2024 at 8:08 PM

Bruins captain Brad Marchand was quite lucky tonight as he shoved a linesman while to get to his bench during Game 6 against the Leafs. It's quite apparent that he was frustrated with the linesman to which he should have been accessed a game misconduct.

The NHL makes their rule clear that a player cannot exhibit any force to an official. Here's the exact rule and what the consequence is.

40.1 Game Misconduct – Any player who deliberately applies physical force in any manner against an official, in any manner attempts to injure an official, physically demeans, or deliberately applies physical force to an official solely for the purpose of getting free of such an official during or immediately following an altercation shall receive a game misconduct penalty.

During Game 5, Marchand also had a run in with the officials as he was knocked down by the linesman. He even gave a small fake punch as he was quite angry which sent him to the penalty box with a 4 on 4.

If the Leafs can tie up this series and send it back to Boston, it remains to be seen if Marchand will do this again and maybe he will land a game misconduct which will really set his team back.
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Brad Marchand dodges a game misconduct after shoving an official

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