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Leafs coach Keefe scratches player after finally showing emotion

Published May 2, 2024 at 6:30 PM

Tonight the Toronto Maple Leafs will face elimination on home ice against the feared Boston Bruins. The Leafs have had an abysmal home record in the playoffs lately, and Ryan Reaves was looking to change that - until Keefe took that opportunity away.

After winning game 5 on the road to being the series back to Toronto, Ryan Reaves had a passionate interview today where he tried to fire up the Leafs with home ice advantage. When game time rolled around though, Ryan Reaves found himself as a healthy scratch from coach Keefe.

Before the game, Reaves had the gutsy quote of planting the seed of doubt and following it up with another win on home ice. Obviously, Reaves isn't a skill player by any means. But in very limited ice time, Reaves can get the building rocking and really capitalize on the fan energy with a few big hits or a fight. Not only that, but now some of the Bruins tough guys - like Patrick Maroon - might take some more liabilities with the Leafs players.

Many Leafs fans are actually critical of Keefe's decision to ice the speedier lineup with Gregor instead, and it's easy to find reason to doubt Keefe. As coach of the Leafs, he has a horrific 5-14 record on home ice in the playoffs, and is likely done in Toronto barring a miracle comeback and longer playoff run.

Without Auston Matthews in the lineup, the Leafs will face a tall task of coming back against the forever-winning Boston Bruins. There shouldn't be anymore pressure on the players though - they either make a comeback nobody expects, or everyone gets traded and fired.
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Leafs coach Keefe scratches player after finally showing emotion

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