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Doughty admits the Edmonton Oilers totally outmatch Kings in playoffs

Published May 2, 2024 at 3:03 PM

With the Oilers-Kings series coming to a close for the third straight year, it's very reassuring that the series just keeps getting shorter and shorter. The Oilers are getting better and better every year and are gearing up to do some serious damage to the winner of Vancouver-Nashville.

The Oilers played so phenomenally this year that even some of the Kings' veterans are finding it hard to make excuses as to why they can't seem to do anything against the Oilers. In media availability after the game Doughty was asked about the refs calls during the game, and he gave a surprisingly honest answer for how the series looked:

»I mean, the refs' job is pretty tough. They're seeing things at a high pace, yet when you watch a video you might see something different. They're trying to do their best just like we're trying to do our best out there. I'm not gonna put any blame on the refs, we lost 4-1 in the series. So, it had nothing to do with reffing.»
-Drew Doughty

Doughty is definitely right here, as the Oilers completely killed the kings at every end of the ice. The Oilers put up an astounding 22 goals in 5 games, averaging 4.4 goals a game. This includes a game where the Kings held the Oilers to only one goal, but stellar defensive play and a huge performance in net by Stuart Skinner propelled the team to a 1-0 victory. Even though he's a bitter rival, Oilers fans have to respect the career, professionalism, and performance from Doughty in these playoffs at 34 years old.

The Oilers seem to always be the Kings' kryptonite, as they completely ruin the team's trap style defensive system. Connor Mcdavid is perfectly built to counter their system, as his amazing speed allows him to blow by the stagnant defense. He burned many Kings defenders throughout the series including Mikey Anderson, who has always had a history with McDavid in past years.

McDavid leads the postseason with 12 points in the series, showing why he truly cannot be stopped when he turns his game up a level. The full team performance from the Oilers has been extremely exciting to watch and could spell out huge success for them in the postseason.
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Doughty admits the Edmonton Oilers totally outmatch Kings in playoffs

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