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Auston Matthews
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Insider reveals the real reason why Auston Matthews is not playing

Published May 2, 2024 at 9:41

Facing elimination once again in game 6 against the Boston Bruins, the Toronto Maple Leafs will be without Auston Matthews again. The team has barely provided any explanation, but now ESPN's Emily Kaplan has the answer.

According to a report this morning from Kaplan, Auston Matthews really was playing through an illness as the team said. However, while playing through the illness, Matthews sustained an injury at some point which is keeping him out.

»Auston Matthews did in fact have an illness. He was playing through it, and while he was playing through that illness, something happened in conjunction with that illness, and that's what's keeping him out. Something else happened that's more significant that's keeping him out.»
-Emily Kaplan

Matthews took to the ice to skate today in Boston, but reporters are saying it feels very unlikely he'll be available. Coach Keefe will likely make him a game-time decision after practice today.

Some Leafs fans are becoming fed up with the string-along of false reports surrounding Matthews' status. Missing their best player for the most important games of the year with practically no explanation is frankly ridiculous, and something the NHL just needs to move on from.

It's said that the Maple Leafs feel so much pressure on them to succeed from their our media market, but in this case, there is no pressure. If the Leafs go down to the Bruins in this fashion, the core forwards and organizational staff are surely cleaned out by ownership. The Leafs have nothing more to lose at this point, so maybe, just maybe - without the so called pressure they can mount a comeback against a Bruins team with their own demons of blown leads. Tonight at 8:00 Eastern Time in Boston, the Leafs will have to battle to force a game 7, and keep this team together going forward.
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Insider reveals the real reason why Auston Matthews is not playing

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