Leon Draisaitl with a fist pump.
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Leon Draisaitl has rockstar celebration for a penalty call

Published May 2, 2024 at 8:08

With a one goal lead in the last twenty seconds of last night's Oilers game, Draisaitl nabbed the puck and darted up the ice. A Kings' defenceman had to haul him down, and when the ref's arm went up, the Oilers had sealed their series win.

On his knees after the penalty was called, Draisaitl gave a hard fist pump knowing that the Oilers had officially punched their ticket to the second round of the playoffs.

It was a rockstar level reaction from Draisaitl that really resonated and pumped up Oilers fans everywhere. Three years in a row now the Oilers have eliminated the Kings in the first round, but this year's series was the most one-sided yet. The Oilers domination never relented, and they were able to take care of business faster than in previous years.

This fist pump from Draisaitl let out all the emotion from grinding through another series, now one step closer to the goal of a Stanley Cup.

After the game, Draisaitl gave an on-ice interview with Gene Principe where he continued to show off his confidence in himself and the team. Principe asked Leon if he sees himself as a clutch player, and again, Draisaitl had a rockstar level response. He owned the fact that he is clutch, has been clutch, and will continue to be clutch.

«It's always been a goal of mine to be a big game player and for the most part I think I've done that.»
-Leon Draisaitl

As the second part of the team's two headed monster, Draisaitl will be integral to the Oilers playoff success the rest of the way, especially when teams focus on shutting down McDavid. Draisaitl knows how good he has to be to deliver the Oilers a Cup, and he's dialled in on doing just that.
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Leon Draisaitl has rockstar celebration for a penalty call

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