Kevin Fiala and Warren Foegele.
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Kings' Kevin Fiala given penalty for unbelievable embellishment

Published May 1, 2024 at 9:59 PM

Midway through the second period, the animosity between the Oilers and Kings really ramped up, and so did the penalties. With their season on the line, Fiala tried to draw a penalty - but instead got dinged for a clear case of embellishment.

Foegele was somehow penalized himself, despite barely even giving Fiala a light tap on the leg. Fiala was really looking to draw a penalty, as he practically leaped in the air as soon as he felt the stick make contact. Fiala was irate about being called for embellishment, skating circles around the referees while pleading his case to no avail. The Kings were lucky enough for Foegele to receive a soft penalty on the play too.

This wasn't the only odd penalty that occurred in the middle stages of the second period. Corey Perry was also assessed a penalty for tripping on a seriously awkward play that he got the worst of. Perry took out the legs of Kings defender Mikey Anderson while falling down, trucking full speed into the boards. Perry returned to the game, but may not be 100% healthy - he looked to be in clear pain trying to put weight in his left leg.

Additionally, Pierre-Luc Dubois ran at Leon Draisaitl, taking a penalty for a clear slewfoot.

The Oilers closed out this series against the Kings tonight, in just five games. Hopefully the team got through the first round mostly healthy and have set their sight on the further goal: the Stanely Cup.
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Kings' Kevin Fiala given penalty for unbelievable embellishment

Did you think Fiala tried to dive here, or is it a real penalty?

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