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Boston born NHL referee Chris Rooney
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Leafs fans say NHL has conflict of interest with referee choice

Published May 2, 2024 at 9:45 PM

It's been a series of storylines from playoffs demons in Toronto against Beantown and the recent playoff collapse for the Bruins last season, but nothing takes it home when it was announced that hometown Boston raised Chris Rooney will be a referee for Game 6 of the Bruins Leafs series which has Leafs fans outraged

Leafs fans outrage boiled over after this referee was chosen as many feel it will be tilted in Boston's favour from penalty calls to occasionally missing a few obivious ones. Of course, if an absolutely ridiculous claim, and even Bruins fans are upset with the choice of Rooney.

Rooney, has been a referee since November 22nd 2000 when his first game was the Tampa Bay Lightning vs the now defunct Atlanta Thrashers and has been a steady ref since then. In a series which appears to be tightening with the Leafs beginning to play a different style after Game 5 and their backs to the wall, still Leafs fans think a South Boston born ref will give the Bruins the chance to close it out.

In the end it will come down to how the players respond with the Bruins wanting to the Leafs in their rearview and the Leafs looking for a final showdown in Beantown for a Game 7.
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Leafs fans say NHL has conflict of interest with referee choice

Will Chris Rooney be in favour with the Bruins over the Leafs in Game 6?

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