Monday, 12 November 2018

Best Hockey Podcasts that I listen to

Podcasts are a great way to consume hockey when travelling to work, at the gym or walking the dog!

I plan to review some of my favourites in detail over the coming months but here is my list of hockey related podcasts that I regular listen to.

Cult of Hockey

David Staples and Bruce McCurdy review each game plus bonus episodes to cover specific events in Oilerland.  Good balanced coverage and well worth listening to for Oilers fans.

TSN Overdrive

Popular drive time show in Toronto hosted by Bryan Hayes with ex NHLers Jeff O'Neill and Jamie McLennan alongside him.  Toronto centric and some coverage of other sports but VERY funny.  The podcast feed is split into 1 hour chunks (it's a 3 hour show) plus you can just listen to sections when the various TSN Insiders phone in - Dreger, McKenzie and Ferraro among others.  For Oiler fans any episode when a Jason Strudwick (a "friend of the show") dials in will be a great a listen.

TSN anything Ray Ferraro

My favourite hockey analyst - harsh, fair, insightful, detailed. Ray dials into Overdrive every day for a 20 minutes or so catch up.  The link here takes you to his TSN page where his spots on the various TSN city radio shows can be found.

Pulp Hockey

Ray's own Podcast with his friend Steve Matthes.  You get an extra dose of Ray's views on current happenings around the league, normally in more detail as he has more time than he has when he does his TSN spots.  Each show also has an interview with a personality from around the league - Ray's extensive network of contacts mean these are normally A list NHL guests.

The Pipeline Show

Guy Flaming's show covers everything that is happening in the world of hockey prospects.  Now in season 12 in a podcast format but originally broadcast on TSN Edmonton 1260 the show normally manages to interview most high profile prospects during their draft year.  Oiler fans will find an interview with many of the team's draft picks over the last decade.

Hockey Central

Sportsnet's lunchtime show runs for an hour.  A few years ago it had a steady cast of Jeff Marek, Nick Kypreos and Doug Maclean and it was a really enjoyable show.  Over the last 2 years it has moved to more of a rotation of studio guests so the show's quality can vary according to who is on the show that day.  Still worth a listen and it's lunchtime slot means it often picks up breading news first.

Spittin Chiclets

A rapid rise to fame for this show over the last couple of years, a production of Boston based Barstool Sports.  Featuring ex-NHLers Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette.  May not be to everyone's taste but great guest list of current and retired NHLers who tend to speak more openly on this show than when they are on the traditional media outlets.

That is my regular listening list, if I am missing a decent show please let me know.