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Nikolaj Ehlers celebrating a goal
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Jets looking to trade sniper Nikolai Ehlers to shake up team

Published May 15, 2024 at 4:44 PM

The Winnipeg Jets are looking to shake up their locker room, and it's being reported that Nikola Ehlers will be the one on the way out.

Despite their regular season success, the Jets have had another terribly disappointing season at the end of the year. There have always been concerns that this team can't be successful with the core they have, and another first round exit only adds more doubt to that sentiment. The Jets are still in their window of production, but they have to start making moves sooner rather than later to try and shake things up. With plans to shake things up after another poor performance, it seems like Ehlers has found himself on the outside looking in.

Ehlers is a free agent after next season, making him a perfect rental for the Jets to ditch in the offseason. Ehlers also only holds a 6M cap hit for next year, making him a very affordable option for many teams. He's always had concerns about his health, but when he plays he is a very productive member of the team. He's also coming off his only season in the last 6 where he played every game, so his health hopefully isn't as much of a concern. The Jets are fielding calls from any team, but some definitely make more sense than others. Some of the teams that make the most sense are Minnesota, Chicago, Washington and Edmonton.

Minnesota and Washington are both in the same boat, where they are in dire need of a top 6 left winger. Ehlers could drastically fill the role for either team, while Minnesota can capitalize on their deep prospect pool to make a trade happen. It may be a bit harder for Washington to field a return, but with their window of being competitive closing, they have to try and make one final push to help Ovi beat the goal record.

Chicago is a special choice, as they are going to be in on any high end talent that hits the market over the next couple years. They still have years of tanking ahead of them, but they are going to do anything they can to give Bedard weapons to develop further. Ehlers is an amazing passer and could be great at setting up Bedard on the powerplay or at 5 on 5. Chicago also has a plethora of picks and an unreal amount of cap space, so they could easily get a deal done with no retention as well.

Lastly is Edmonton, which would be a great option for both parties. Edmonton is always in the market for more wingers to throw in to the line blender, and Ehlers would make a great candidate. He can play either wing and would give Holloway a bottom 6 opportunity to develop so he isn't thrust into the top 6. He would also only be 3M on 50% retention, which would be such a great grab for the Oilers. If the Oilers are looking for someone to push them over the edge, a guy like Ehlers could really give them an even better chance at the cup than they already have.
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Jets looking to trade sniper Nikolai Ehlers to shake up team

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