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Leon Draisaitl with the Oilers
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Draisaitl connected to signing with western team under German owner

Published May 15, 2024 at 4:38 PM

Two prominent NHL insiders have connected Leon Draisaitl to signing a free agent contract with the San Jose Sharks.

This isn't anything that Oilers fans want to hear in the playoffs, but at the end of next season, Leon Draisaitl is set to become a free agent. The Oilers will undoubtedly make a push to sign their second superstar center man, but multiple NHL insiders are now reporting that Draisaitl may feel a personal pull towards the San Jose Sharks.

On yesterday's edition of the Jeff Marek Show, both Marek himself and ESPN's Greg Wyshynski connected Draisaitl to the Sharks for a myriad of reasons, primarily including a potential connection with their German owner, Hasso Plattner.

»Do you think Draisaitl would go to San Jose because their owner is German?»
Greg Wyshynski asked
«That's kind of been whispered for a while,» Marek answered.
«Emerging market, great young players. They will obviously compensate him.»
Wyshynski added

Both show hosts repeatedly stressed that they were speculating, but also found it incredibly interesting that they'd heard connections between Draisaitl and the Sharks from several sources. The unique lure of negotiating with an owner from his home country in Germany definitely adds a potential personal draw to San Jose. It would be hard to see Draisaitl committing to a totally rebuilding team, but if he was sold on their young core and future, it could be possible.

Draisaitl hasn't just been connected to the San Jose Sharks in free agency either. Just two weeks ago, former Oiler Georges Laraque reported that he had heard the Boston Bruins will be making a significant push to sign Draisaitl, and that Draisaitl might even be interested in Boston too.

This playoff run may be a very consequential factor in Leon Draisaitl wanting to re-sign with the Edmonton Oilers. As soon as this season ends, the Oilers will begin negotiating with Draisaitl to hope he doesn't walk to free agency - and the allure of a winning environment in Edmonton would be a big factor in Draisaitl staying.
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Draisaitl connected to signing with western team under German owner

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