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Elias Pettersson can't answer question about why he chokes in playoffs

Published May 15, 2024 at 2:30 PM

Through the early part of this playoff series, Canucks star Elias Pettersson has been totally neutralized offensively.

In four games against the Oilers so far, Pettersson has been held to just one goal, and through the playoffs, only has 4 points in 10 games. It's an astounding drop off for their supposed offensive star player, and now the market is beginning to call him out for the disappearing act in the playoffs. While talking to the media today, Pettersson had no explanation for what's going wrong - just that he knows he isn't performing up the standards.

Pettersson insisted that he's trying his best effort wise, but couldn't give any explanation for why he hasn't asserted himself offensively in this series. Against the tight-checking and defence in the playoffs, plenty of skilled players struggle to produce in the playoffs. The team has even maintained that Pettersson is healthy, but some fans are wondering if he's actually playing through a serious injury.

After last night's loss, Canucks coach Rick Tocchet was visibly emotional. Tocchet called out a number of players for being passengers, not putting in their full efforts, or realizing the gravity of the moment in the playoffs. With his extremely underwhelming performances, it's clear Pettersson is a part of this group.

The Canucks media is starting to become extremely concerned with Pettersson lack of production in the playoffs, or really his lack of production since signing his contract extension. With this decline of play in the playoffs, the media isn't even questioning if he's a clutch enough player to win with - they're comparing him to Loui Eriksson, one of the most overpaid players in NHL history.

Pettersson is going to need to find a way to elevate his game and make a difference in the playoffs to live up to his contract. If he isn't injured, the Canucks may have a big problem on their hands - Elias Pettersson is not a playoff player.
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Elias Pettersson can't answer question about why he chokes in playoffs

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