Draisaitl mocking Canucks players
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Leon Draisaitl mocks multiple Vancouver Canucks players in game 4

Published May 15, 2024 at 10:02

Leon Draisaitl made a few cold gestures to Canucks players to get into their heads in last night's game.

Leon Draisaitl always has a sort of cool air around him, where even in the biggest moments of a game he can't be rattled. Last night there was just another example, where Elias Lindholm tried to go after Draisaitl, who just made him look silly.

Lindholm tried to get in Draisaitl's head by mouthing off to him saying, I'm going to get you'. Leon isn't the kind of player that can be intimidated though, and pit his hands up to mock and laugh at Lindholm in response.

Leon Draisaitl elevates his game through injury and gets into the head of Canuck players

In a close, must win playoff game, Draisaitl once again pushed through an injury to be one of the Oilers most productive players. Scoring a goal and an assist as well as leading the team through the scrums and greasy plays, Draisaitl is proving once again he's one of the NHL's most clutch playoff players. After scoring the first goal of the game on the powerplay, Draisaitl tapped a Canucks player on the behind and gave him an earful on his way by - another example of him being a cold-hearted playoff killer.

After sustaining an injury to his back from a from a cross check in game one, Draisaitl was listed as day-to-day and a game time decision to play. For the Oilers and their fans though, it was never a question - Draisaitl will play through injury and still be one of the most impactful players in the game.
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Leon Draisaitl mocks multiple Vancouver Canucks players in game 4

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