Former Oilers Defenseman Finds a New Home

Published August 11, 2023 at 9:07

Roster depth is a critical aspect of NHL team construction, providing stability and support throughout a season. Typically, this depth is cultivated through draft selections made between the third and seventh rounds.

While some teams excel at unearthing talent from these later draft rounds, others struggle to nurture and retain such players, often leading to premature abandonment or ill-advised trades that hinder their long-term prospects.

Caleb Jones, a former defenseman for the Oilers, offers an illustrative case study. Selected 117th overall in the fourth round of the 2015 entry draft, Jones spent three years within the Oilers organization before his recent move to the Chicago Blackhawks. The transaction also involved a 2022 third-round draft pick, with the Oilers acquiring veteran defensemen Duncan Keith and Tim Soderlund in exchange.

In a recent development, Jones has now inked a one-year contract with the Carolina Hurricanes, valued at $800,000. This move adds crucial depth to the Hurricanes' defensive lineup, addressing an area that has not been a concern for the team in quite some time.

General Manager Don Waddell expressed his satisfaction with the abundance of defensive options at his disposal. However, it's plausible that the Hurricanes will opt to trade some defensemen in the coming months to bolster their offensive capabilities.

Recognizing the importance of depth players like Jones, it becomes evident how indispensable they are to a team's success. Looking ahead, it is hoped that the Oilers, and other teams alike, will continue to nurture and retain such talent to ensure a solid foundation for the future.
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Former Oilers Defenseman Finds a New Home

Will the Oilers keep more depth players in the future?

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