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Amazing Opportunity For The Community with the Oilers

Published August 11, 2023 at 9:05

The Edmonton Oilers, a renowned professional ice hockey team, have always shown great interest in staying connected with their local community.

They have extended this commitment to their children's program by offering a unique learning experience through their Oilers Hockey School.

#Oilers Hockey School presented by
returned for another summer of fun! Participants were treated to on-ice sessions, workshops & special appearances by Oilers Alumni, Stuart Skinner & Dylan Holloway.

recaps the excitement 🏒📚

This summer camp is a perfect opportunity for kids to learn from NHL stars like Stuart Skinner and Dylan Holloway, who impart valuable skills and knowledge to the young enthusiasts.

The camp is open to both girls and boys, thus ensuring inclusivity and diversity. The curriculum is diverse, covering a wide range of activities, including new skating techniques, floor hockey, cooking, and even yoga.

With such a well-rounded program, the Oilers Hockey School is an excellent way for kids to spend their summer and learn new things while having fun.
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Amazing Opportunity For The Community with the Oilers

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