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Lessons from Connor McDavid to Connor Bedard

Published August 11, 2023 at 9:06

Connor Bedard can learn from Connor McDavid's early seasons in the NHL. McDavid has wisdom to impart on the young center. The Blackhawks and Bedard can learn from McDavid's failures to achieve success. Changing everything doesn't always work.

For instance, in 2015, the team reshaped its entire front office between the letter and draft. Kyle Davidson and the Chicago Blackhawks should collaborate, including coaches and GM, so scouting and talent work hand in hand.

CHGO Blackhawks Podcast: Lessons to Connor Bedard from Connor McDavid

For example, they drafted Jesse Pujuljarvi, but Todd McLellan wasn't sold on him. Davidson needs to keep Pro Scouts as Pro Scouts. When Chiarelli selected Connor McDavid in 2015, he got rid of Pro Scouting director Gare and amateur scouting director McGregor.

Bedard needs all the help he can get, so Davidson shouldn't trade impact players on value. For instance, when Chiarelli moved Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson.

The Chicago Blackhawks should avoid signing aging veterans on long-term deals like the Oilers did with Milan Lucic, who eventually slid in productivity two years into his deal.

Lastly, the team needs to avoid shortcuts and not sacrifice the future to improve now, like the Oilers and other teams have taken in their rebuilds and turned into re-tools.
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Lessons from Connor McDavid to Connor Bedard

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