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BREAKING: True Details Come to Light About The NHL's Major Suspension Laid Today

Published October 26, 2023 at 10:49

NHL's Historic 41-Game Suspension: The True Details Emerge

In a landmark decision, the NHL has handed down a 41-game suspension to Ottawa Senators' restricted free agent (RFA) Shane Pinto. This suspension marks a significant moment in the league's history as it is the first-ever instance of a player being penalized for sports gambling-related activity.

"Sources say the #NHL suspension for #Sens RFA Shane Pinto is for sports betting related activity, which would make it the first suspension for sports gambling in league history."

But... he didn't bet on the NHL!?

The NHL makes Shane Pinto's 41-game suspension official, over a "gambling/sports betting matter", they made it clear there was no evidence found that wagers were made on NHL games.. so what is it?

Well, the name Shane Pinto did not place any bets..

The NHL's official announcement today shed light on the reasons behind Shane Pinto's lengthy suspension. It was revealed that the league's investigation into Pinto's conduct was triggered by red flags raised during integrity sweeps. These integrity checks exposed a connection between Pinto and a third-party or proxy bettor, a revelation that sent shockwaves throughout the hockey community.

League sources say Pinto's online gambling account in the United States was flagged by a company that is a partner of the league because of unusual activity and it contacted the NHL's head office recently. #Sens

The investigation indicated that Pinto had engaged in activities related to sports wagering by having someone else place bets on his behalf. This strategy was seemingly employed to circumvent the NHL's strict regulations and avoid detection.

"Sources: #NHL's investigation into Pinto came as a result of a red flag from integrity sweeps that revealed a Pinto connection to a third-party or proxy bettor."

The league's firm stance on gambling, as reaffirmed in a March 2022 memo, prohibits any form of betting on NHL games, even in regions where it may be legally permissible. Engaging in such activities is considered highly dishonorable and detrimental to both the league and the sport of hockey, according to the NHL's constitution.

In response to these findings, the NHL has taken unprecedented action, suspending Shane Pinto for an extensive 41 games. This decision underscores the league's commitment to upholding its integrity and maintaining the integrity of the game.

Pinto's suspension is retro-active to the Senators' first game of the season. I don't believe he would sign with the team now until he has served his suspension in January. The Dec. 1 RFA signing deadline doesn't apply to him because he's not Group 2 (can't sign an offer sheet).

Statements released

Statement from the Ottawa Senators

«We were made aware of the National Hockey League investigation into this matter and additional information was made available to the club upon the completion of the league's investigation yesterday.

Shane is a valued member of our hockey club; an engaging, intelligent young man who made poor decisions that have resulted in a suspension by the National Hockey League. We know he is remorseful for his mistakes.

The Ottawa Senators fully support the NHL's rules on gambling. While saddened to learn of this issue, the entire organization remains committed to Shane and will work together to do what is necessary to help provide the support to allow him to address his issues and become a strong contributor to our community.

When the time is right and with the league's blessing, we will welcome him back to the organization and embrace him as one of our own.»

Statement from Shane Pinto

«I want to apologize to the National Hockey League, the Ottawa Senators, my teammates, the fans and city of Ottawa and most importantly my family. I take full responsibility for my actions and look forward to getting back on the ice with my team.»

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BREAKING: True Details Come to Light About The NHL's Major Suspension Laid Today

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