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A young Oilers fan moved to tears after meeting his idol.

Published October 25, 2023 at 10:04 PM

As sports fans, it's always memorable when you have a chance to meet your idol, especially when you're a child. You'll see fans wearing the jerseys of their favourite player, having posters on their walls, and hoping to get a signed copy of a card or a book from their idol.

On October 12, the Edmonton Oilers hosted an autograph session in the West Edmonton Mall. This session allowed fans to come and meet their favourite players, get autographs, and even potentially have a few words with their idols.

This autograph session was extra special as a child named Kyson managed to meet his idol, Edmonton goaltender Stuart Skinner. Kyson loves Skinner so much that he wears a fake mustache while getting the chance to see Skinner.

As he approached the table to get his autograph, Kyson was moved to tears, knowing that he had just met his idol. Afterwards, he spoke about his experience.

"Stuart Skinner is like my idol; he's my favourite goalie ever," said Kyson in an interview after meeting Skinner. "I love his mustache. He's been my favourite goalie ever since he had the number 50."

The 24-year-old goaltender shared his perspective on the experience and created a fantastic memory.

"That was incredible," said Skinner. "It got me a bit emotional. It's pretty cool. [Kyson] would look good in a mustache."

These sessions and other ways to give back to the community and their fan base are how teams like the Oilers can grow and become memorable brand.
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A young Oilers fan moved to tears after meeting his idol.

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