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Surprise Announcement From Connor McDavid

Published October 26, 2023 at 8:18

It's always incredible the power of fundraising. No matter how bad the economics are in an area or a country, no matter how tough it is for everyone in during that toughness the generosity people can bring is fantastic.

It's also important to see pro sports players willing to donate their time and money to a fund or a fundraiser by using their influence to get others to join in.

This is occurring this season with Oilers captain Connor McDavid teaming up with local schools to help raise money for the Ben Stelter foundation.
The goal of this fundraiser is to have local students get involved in organizing in fund raising money to help children fight cancer.
McDavid weighed in on the campaign and gave his thoughts on how this will transpire.

«We're inviting students from Edmonton Public Schools to lead the Ben Stelter Foundation campaign within their own schools,» McDavid said in a video posted to social media. «Join us in the fight against childhood cancer and let's make a positive change together.»

What's also important is that this campaign is also a way to help build leadership skills for the students as they will be responsible for the entire venture. Each fundraiser will be held with two student leaders and the goal for them is to have the two highest grades.

Aside from raising the funds, each school that has entered will receive two signed Oilers jerseys for the student leaders and a personal visit from McDavid himself.

This will be held during November starting on November 3rd and will conclude on November 24th. Stelter was a 6-year-old boy who attended every home game for the Oilers during the playoffs two seasons ago in which he became a well-known figure for the city of Edmonton and the Oilers. Sadly after the playoffs were over he lost his battle to brain cancer.

It's a worthy cause and it will be fascinating to watch how these kids handle this project and see how much money they can raise during that time.
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