41-Game Suspension Officially Sentenced in The NHL For Major Investigation

Published October 26, 2023 at 9:35

NHL History Made: Shane Pinto Suspended 41 Games for Gambling Violation

In a historic move, the NHL has suspended Ottawa Senators forward Shane Pinto for a record-breaking 41 games due to a breach of the league's gambling regulations. Notably, this is the first suspension related to betting or wagering in the NHL's history.

It's essential to clarify that Pinto's suspension doesn't involve placing bets on NHL games but relates to the broader league policy. This policy strictly prohibits any form of gambling on NHL games, even in regions where it may be legal. Such behavior is deemed dishonorable and detrimental to the league and the sport of hockey, as stated in the NHL's constitution.

The memo also emphasizes the authority of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman to discipline individuals involved in improper gambling activities. Potential penalties include suspension, contract cancellation, and fines. The NHL is committed to swiftly and decisively penalizing anyone violating the NHL Gambling Policy.

While the exact timeline remains unclear, the investigation, initiated during the summer, gained momentum in recent weeks, leading to a hearing on the matter. Details of Pinto's actions remain undisclosed, but it's worth noting that other sports leagues have punished players for gambling activities outside their sport.

The next question is how the Ottawa Senators will handle this situation. Pinto's decision not to request a trade is believed to stem from his appreciation for the organization's discreet approach to the investigation.

This story is ongoing, and further developments are expected.
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41-Game Suspension Officially Sentenced in The NHL For Major Investigation

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