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Edmonton Oilers circumvent salary cap with roster move

Published January 27, 2024 at 7:54
Yesterday afternoon, the Edmonton Oilers continued a pattern of something they've been doing all season to exploit a small loophole in the CBA to gain more salary cap space. The Oilers sent Phillip Kemp down to Bakersfield, the third time this month the team has done so and the second time this week.

It's part of the process where the Oilers are trying to accrue as much salary cap space they can by altering their daily cap hit. By repeatedly recalling and reassigning Kemp, or any other Oilers that's bounced between the NHL and AHL, the Oilers gain small increments of cap space that accumulates through the season, and can become incredibly valuable at the trade deadline.

With the Oilers already tight against the cap and needing to trade a current roster player to fit another upgrade at the deadline this year, these minor roster moves can add up to become important. If the Oilers are able to make a splash at the deadline with a trade for a top-six forward like Jake Guentzel, these roster moves will be partially a reason why it's possible.

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Edmonton Oilers circumvent salary cap with roster move

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