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Popular hockey analyst says Oilers win streak is fraudulent

Published January 26, 2024 at 8:48 PM
A few days ago, Oilers fans got riled up when a popular hockey figure online decided to take a swing and challenge the legitimacy of the Oilers winning streak. Drew Livingstone, also known as Producer Drew from the Steve Dangle Podcast Network, said that the Oilers win streak isn't that impressive because the teams they've played have mostly been non-contenders.

On the few wins the Oilers did manage on the streak against playoff-bound teams, Producer Drew also saw reason why those games were to the Oilers advantage. In some games the Oilers played playoff teams using their backup goalie, or on a losing stretch of their own. Since Drew's tweet, the Oilers have extended the streak to 15 games with a win over the league-worst Chicago Blackhawks.

It's a rather ridiculous take from Drew, in all honesty. The Oilers can't control their schedule, and the best you can do is win the games in front of you, especially against poorer teams. Even so, winning 15 straight games in the NHL were teams are relatively evenly matched is incredibly impressive - it's why streaks like this aren't common.

In their next two games, the Oilers will be tested by higher quality teams than they've been playing recently. The Oilers will face the Predators at home tomorrow night, before going on the road to play the defending champions in the Vegas Golden Knights. The record for most consecutive wins is 17 games, so if the Oilers can win these two tougher contests, they have a shot at setting a new record in the NHL.
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Popular hockey analyst says Oilers win streak is fraudulent

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