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Oilers rookie has hilarious comment on Corey Perry

Published January 26, 2024 at 9:49 PM
Drafted 14th overall by the Oilers in 2020 and already cracking the full time lineup, Dylan Holloway will be an important piece to the Oilers this season and in the future. Still just 22 years old, Holloway's still adjusting to the NHL, including playing with some players he looked up to growing up, like Corey Perry.

At a media availability after practice today, Holloway had a hilarious comment about his first memories of Perry. Holloway said that Perry was winning Stanley Cups before he could learn to skate, and even recalled Perry winning a cup when Holloway was 6 years old.

I was saying last interview, I think he won a cup when I was seven or six years old. I don't remember that. I don't remember when I was six. But he's winning cups before I basically even really learned how to skate. So it's pretty cool, pretty cool to be playing with him.

Holloway's upbeat and happy-go-lucky attitude is infectious in watching his interviews. Hopefully his youth injects a boost of energy to the team while he's up with them, perhaps even giving them a bit of an extra reason to push and extend the win streak.
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Oilers rookie has hilarious comment on Corey Perry

Did you have a moment where you hated Perry before signing with the Oilers?

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