Kings and Bruins
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Kings and Bruins linked in huge last minute blockbuster

Published March 8, 2024 at 12:35

With all the chaos of trades leading up to the deadline, one playoff team who has been notably silent has been the LA Kings. The Kings are a team who are in desperate need of multiple different pieces and could really benefit from making some trades. Insider Jacob Billington has revealed a connection that makes all too much sense for the Kings, with a mutually beneficial trade with the Bruins that would see a recently acquired player dealt again.

It's no surprise to see Dubois in trade rumours again, as it feels like a yearly ritual to have Dubois be connected to other teams. Dubois was traded to the Kings from the Jets in the offseason for a huge package, which has not been successful for the team.

Dubois has played on the third line for the Kings, only registering 28 points in 62 games played. Dubois is surrounded by much younger and less talented linemates than his time in Winnipeg, so Dubois could still have some hidden offensive upside on a team with good exposure.

This is where the Bruins could fit in, as they've been notably quiet at the deadline. It's no secret that the Bruins position of need is a first line center, and no matter what Dubois would definitely be an offensive upgrade from the likes of Pavel Zacha.

The Kings would also benefit hugely from a goalie upgrade, as they are currently running with a duo of Talbot and Rittich. If they could buy Swayman or Ullmark out of Boston, that would be a massive upgrade for the consistency of their goaltending. Even though this is all speculative it makes a lot of sense for both sides and could be the moves that these two teams need to make to compete with the additions of the playoff teams upgrading around them.
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Kings and Bruins linked in huge last minute blockbuster

Who benefits most from this trade?

Kings9829.3 %
Bruins7321.8 %
Both benefit8525.4 %
Neither make it worth their time7923.6 %
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