Brodeur in a game for the Devils.
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NHL legend Brodeur voices controversial opinion on modern goalies

Published March 28, 2024 at 7:34 PM

NHL legend Martin Brodeur spoke up recently in a interview saying that today's goalies are often babied and that he does not approve of the modern workloads.

Brodeur is currently the VP of hockey operations for the Devils and says that many goaltenders are often given this special treatment, not having to play as much because they can get worn down. Brodeur disagrees with these new ways and believes goaltenders should be able to play the majority of a season just like the forwards and defensemen.

"I think we baby our goalies," the New Jersey Devils executive vice president of hockey operations told The Athletic's Pierre LeBrun on Tuesday. "I see it. I'm part of it. It's like, my goalie coach will say, 'He's played five games the past eight days ' I'm like, 'So?'"- Brodeur

The former Devils netminder went onto say he does not like the new systems of a 1A and 1B goalie because teams are afraid to get their starter injured so they swap goalies every game. He believes a starter should see at least 65-70 games per season.

This is also coming from a biased opinion as Brodeur played in at least 70 games in 12 of his 22 season career. This is precisely why he believes this is how things should be for a goaltender.

Source: Brodeur laments modern workloads: 'We baby our goalies'
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NHL legend Brodeur voices controversial opinion on modern goalies

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