Leon Draisaitl on the ice with the Edmonton Oilers.
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Eastern Conference team going all out to acquire Leon Draisaitl

Published March 28, 2024 at 6:09 PM

Leon Draisaitl's coming up to becoming a free agent at the end of next year, and it's not just the Oilers who are eyeing to sign him. According to reports, the Boston Bruins will go all out to sign Draisaitl.

With the Oilers in a very tight cap situation, you have to try and imagine who the odd-man out is when it comes to handing out contracts. It's no surprise that Draisaitl's contract has easily been one of the best (if not THE best) on the team. Draisaitl is due for a major pay raise when he is a free agent in 2025 and will certainly be a huge cap hit for any team to deal with. Jim Matheson reveals who the Oilers' biggest competitor will be in order to re-sign Draisaitl.

Jim Matheson states that the Bruins would give anything to be able to sign Draisaitl, which would most definitely extend their contention window. Matheson follows that up by stating that obviously Leon's first choice would overwhelmingly be to stay in Edmonton, but if anything were to change it seems that the Bruins would heavily pursue the superstar.

Draisaitl on the Bruins would be terrifying for the league, as they are in desperate need of a center and Pastrnak would be an unbelievable linemate for him. He would be a massive impact player anywhere he goes and would live up to almost any dollar figure he'd be given on his next contract.

The more terrifying thing for the Oilers would be the prospect of losing Draisaitl for nothing in free agency. They will vigorously try and get him to sign an extension during next season, but if they can't agree then this move would send shockwaves through these teams and the league at large.
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Eastern Conference team going all out to acquire Leon Draisaitl

How much will Draisaitl's next contract be?

$10-11M6914.4 %
$11-12M12425.9 %
$12-13M17236 %
$13M+11323.6 %
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