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Leafs coach Keefe knows he will be fired with strange quote post game

Published May 5, 2024 at 6:20

Last night, as per tradition, the Toronto Maple Leafs were eliminated in game 7 overtime by the Boston Bruins. The the seventh first round exit for the Leafs in eight years, and they're finally going to blow it up.

In his post game comments, head coach Sheldon Keefe looked like he knew it was his last game with the team, especially when he said ‘The Leafs to beat themselves' in the third person. Also, as the coach of the team, it's practically an admission of failure that your team loses on its weaknesses for eight straight years.

With this playoff loss, there's no hope in Toronto that their core four forward group can win in the playoffs - and appropriate is high everywhere for a major trade of a star forward, likely Mitch Marner. When Keefe was asked about if he thinks this group could win a Cup together, he reiterated his belief in the group, but also admitted that his messaging will ‘fall on deaf ears' now. He's totally right, it would be hard for players to take his advice with his awful playoff record. Even with a contract extension in place for next year, it looks like Keefe knows he will be fired.

»We've been trying to break through for a long time here now. So any answer is gonna fall of deaf ears in a sense, and I get that. All I'll say is the group pulled together. There's reason for me to believe that this group will win.»
-Sheldon Keefe

In his press conference, speaking about the team in the third person and admitting your message falls on deaf ears is a real bad look, and a total acceptance of his firing to happen in the next few days. No matter how much the Leafs did show effort in game 7, everyone is in agreement everywhere - it's time to blow this team up.
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Leafs coach Keefe knows he will be fired with strange quote post game

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