Connor McDavid and Lauren Kyle
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Sam Gagner's family makes heartwarming gesture to McDavid

Published May 4, 2024 at 9:33 PM

Through all the intensity of the NHL playoffs, players still have their personal lives to tend to. For Oilers Captain Connor McDavid, he's planning a wedding during the playoffs, but is getting some help from his veteran teammates.

In a heartwarming gesture that shows just how close knit this Oilers team is, Gagner's daughter will serve as a flower girl at McDavid's wedding.

McDavid is set to marry his long-time fiancé Lauren Kyle this summer just as the NHL season comes to a close on July 27th. Hopefully it'll be a multi-faceted celebration, with the McDavids union and a Stanley Cup making an appearance at the wedding.

In an interview with ESPN's Greg Wyshynski earlier this year, McDavid hilariously said that he would it's practically zero effort into the planning of the wedding - he just needs to show up in a suit.

Connor McDavid is responsible for getting his guys dressed and down the aisle. That is all. We took care of that this morning. Had a call this morning with the guys that'll be dressing us up. So my job is done. Now I just gotta worry about getting 'em down [the aisle].
-Connor McDavid

It's great to see a bit into the players' lives, especially that of the greatest in the NHL in Connor McDavid.
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Sam Gagner's family makes heartwarming gesture to McDavid

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