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Harnaryan Singh and Louie DeBrusk
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Playoff broadcast team revealed for Oilers Canucks series

Published May 4, 2024 at 1:09 PM

For most hardcore hockey fans who are watching the most important games from the couch, the broadcast team calling a game can make a big impact on the emotion of the game.

This year, no fans seem to be happy with Sportsnet's choice for the broadcast team in the Oilers/Canucks second round series. Sportsnet has revealed Harnarayan Singh and Louie DeBrusk will be on the call.

Harnarayan Singh provides a fine and exciting call for playoff hockey, but in reality, his goal is to remain neutral as to either team's success on the national broadcast. Sometimes this can come off as diminishing both team's success, so fans of both teams becoming unhappy with the national broadcast. With Singh announced as the broadcaster, that's been the exact reaction from both Oilers and Canucks fans - both think that he's biased the other way.

Canucks fans argue that Singh is biased in favour of the Oilers, and wish for the return of their local caster Johnny Shorthouse. On the other hand, Oilers fans also think that Singh is biased against the Oilers, and have been unsuccessfully petitioning for the return of Jack Michaels to call Oilers playoff games.

Of course, in reality this is just a job to Singh and DeBrusk, and their goal is to really convey the action from the perspective of a neutral observer. It may be more entertaining to hear the local homers in Michaels and Shorthouse call their local series, but it's just not possible under Sportsnet. At the end of the day, who cares anyway? This series will be one of the most highly anticipated in recent NHL history.
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Playoff broadcast team revealed for Oilers Canucks series

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