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Oilers Fan Favourite Player Lands on Top Free Agent List

Published May 4, 2024 at 11:49

One of the best things about this year's amazing Oilers team is the fact that nearly all the best role players could conceivably return to the team next season. However, there's on Oiler fan favourite where things aren't quite as certain.

The 27 year old right shot defenceman Vincent Desharnais has carved out an incredible role for himself after battling through the minor leagues for years, and may be looking to cash in this offseason with a big free agent contract. His next salary has been projected anywhere from $1.4M at Daily Faceoff, up to nearly $3M from the Athletic.

»Only one Oiler ranks on the list: right-shot defenceman Vincent Desharnais, who ranks 50th. The projection has him making $1.4 million over the next two seasons, which is fair territory for the shutdown blueliner. The Oilers had reportedly been talking about and extension ahead of the playoffs, but the talks were paused in the final week of the regular season.»

Desharnais has become a fan favourite for his dogged determination to make the NHL since the Oilers drafted him in the 7th round of the 2016 NHL Draft. Since entering the league, he's proven that he can play sound defensive hockey and use his immense size and strength in front of the net. His play style is absolutely perfect for the playoffs, and the Oilers are seeing it pay dividends already in their first round victory over Los Angeles.

As a player that was drafted and developed into the best version of himself with the same team, the Oilers would obviously love to retain him if the price is right. Bob Stauffer reportedly mentioned on a recent Oilers broadcast that the team may pursue a 6-7 year contract with Desharnais to keep him around, but with a lower annual salary.

Both Desharnais and the Edmonton Oilers seem interested in keeping their relationship going, and a contract does seem like it will be signed. As just a depth defenceman, it's important the Oilers get good value from his contract - so if a team does come with a high offer in free agency, the 27 year old may have to take the higher guaranteed money. Hopefully, Edmonton feels like his home and motivates Desharnais to stay.
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Oilers Fan Favourite Player Lands on Top Free Agent List

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