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Canucks fans create their own "We want Florida" chant against McDavid

Published May 4, 2024 at 7:39 PM

It was one year ago today when Toronto Maple Leaf fans lined the streets in downtown Toronto chanting «we want Florida» showing the NHS that they felt that Florida was the easier team than the Bruins. This year, it appears Canucks fans are following the Maple Leafs fans lead in creating their own chant against Connor McDavid as both teams are set to do battle in round two.

It's doubtful that this chant will make much of a difference in the outcome of this series. Both teams are even across the board it should provide both fanbases a great series which should go the distance of seven games.

But as leaf fans learned last year, making it chant they did certainly backfired as the Leafs were rolled in five games against the Panthers.

Both teams share similar storylines especially when it comes to adversity which leads to the team bouncing back and being at the top of the standings. Last season, the Canucks were simply a mess where it led to their former head coach Bruce Boudreau to be relieved of his duties after the team stop playing. This led to the hiring of Rick Tocchet which turn their season around and included several major changes especially to their defence corps.

The Oilers also shared a storyline of a terrible start to their season which led to the firing of head coach Jay Woodcroft and Dave Manson near the end of November 2023. After hiring rookie head coach Kris Knoblauch and former Oilers legend defenseman Paul Coffey as their assistant, the Oilers saw dramatic turn around in their play and were five points behind the Canucks at the end of the season.

\It will be a fascinating series it remains to be seen on who will take round two.
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Canucks fans create their own "We want Florida" chant against McDavid

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