Tyson Barrie with the Predators
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Insider reveals the real reason why Tyson Barrie wasn't traded at deadline

Published March 9, 2024 at 5:00 PM

At this year's trade deadline, Predators defenceman and former Oiler Tyson Barrie was expecting to be traded - he even made a trade request - and still he wasn't moved out of Nashville. On TSN's Tradecenter yesterday, Pierre LeBrun simply explained that no other teams were interested in acquiring him at all.

Earlier this season Barrie made an official trade request out of Nashville because he was being healthy scratched consistently due to defensive mistakes. Predators GM Barry Trotz did a radio interview where he showed clear frustration about the trade request, but said he would accommodate Barrie and allow his agent to pursue trades for the player.

Tyson's game hasn't translated as well as we had liked with [the Predators] this year. The other night, when [Barrie] was healthy scratcheddifferent players react differently; I didn't like the way he reacted to it. Very disappointed [the trade request] got out because there is only about four people in the world that know about any conversation about anything, and somehow it got out, so I'm very disappointed in that process, and it didn't come from the Preds, I do know that.
-Predators GM Barry Trotz

Even with Barrie's agent facilitating the process, no team showed enough interest in the player to make a trade offer for him. It's very concerning to hear as a 31 year old pending free agent defenceman as he may struggle to find a contract next season.

The one team that did show some interest in Barrie was surprisingly the Calgary Flames, who are looking to acquire a veteran defenceman to see themselves through some re-tooling years. If the Flames were the only team interested in Barrie, perhaps they just weren't interested in acquiring him this year for his contract of $4.6M, and instead may look to sign in him free agency this offseason for a lesser price.
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Insider reveals the real reason why Tyson Barrie wasn't traded at deadline

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