Leon Draisaitl post game interview
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Draisaitl explains why it took the Oilers so long to get back on the ice

Published March 9, 2024 at 2:49 PM

During today's Edmonton Oilers game against the Buffalo Sabres, an incredibly rare sight occurred when the Sabres won the game in overtime, and minutes later the goal was overturned due to offside. By this point, the Oilers had already got to the room, and it took them several more minutes to get back to the ice to finish the last 20 seconds of the game. In an interview after the game, Oilers star Leon Draisaitl said that players were actually getting in the shower when they heard they had to get back.

Yeah, it's bizarre. Lots of guys were pretty close to being in the shower. So yeah, it was different for sure.

This explains the delay for the Oilers getting back to the ice, and also considering how dejected the team must be after blowing a lead to the lowly Sabres. The team was clearly trying to get out of the area as fast as they could, and unfortunately they were forced to go back and taste defeat twice. It couldn't have helped Stuart Skinner or any of the Oilers players in the shootout to have to recover from a perceived loss and get dressed again to go right back on the ice.

It was definitely a tough loss for the Oilers to take, not just once but twice. The team seems like they're in a little rut now with two losses to basement teams in Buffalo and Columbus. Tomorrow the Oilers will look to rebound against the struggling Pittsburgh Penguins in another matinee matchup on the road.
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Draisaitl explains why it took the Oilers so long to get back on the ice

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