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Arizona Coyotes have critical utilities shut off after failure to pay bills

Published March 9, 2024 at 3:53 PM

Some jokes just write themselves. The Arizona Coyotes are one of the more embarrassing teams in all of professional sports for their total inability to act like a professional team. The Coyotes were kicked out of Gila River arena when they fell far behind on rent payments, and now it looks like those problems extend to the players too. According to new reports, Coyotes forwards Dylan Guenther and Jack McBain had their water shut off after failure to pay their bills.

Considering that the two forwards are making a combined salary of well over a million dollars, it's not like they can't afford water bill. The two housemates may have gotten carried away with spending and may be short cash now, but more likely, two young guys moving away from home for the first time didn't even think to pay their bills.

However, these two are likely to be on the butt end of a lot of jokes about this situation considering they're with the Coyotes - the NHL's most notoriously broke franchise. Talks of relocation for the team has seriously begun to pick up as the Coyotes still have no plans to construct an NHL quality arena, and are still playing indefinitely in Arizona State University. With league executives growing impatient and a promising relocation destination in Utah, it seems like the Coyotes could move as soon as this summer.

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Arizona Coyotes have critical utilities shut off after failure to pay bills

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