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Habs forward literally shaking with anger over missed penalty call

Published March 1, 2024 at 8:00

The referees this year have been terrible. It isn't a different story from past years, but this year seems to be a little worse than others when it comes to calls. Well, when a player is literally shaking with anger, the ref may have made the wrong call.

Last night the Montreal Canadiens faced off against the Florida Panthers. During the third period, Montreal's Brendan Gallagher was furious about a check to the head that went uncalled. The hit was delivered by Florida's Evan Rodrigues. He also had some strong words for the referee. Montreal lost the game 3-4, so the power play they perhaps missed might've cost them the game.

If a player is that upset about it, they might have a point, but this case is hard to tell. Rodrigues definitely laid into Gallagher with a huge hit that could've been charging, but the principle point of contact looked to be directly in the chest.

It's incredibly unlikely that Rodrigues will face any sort of suspension or fine for this play, so perhaps Gallagher is really alone in being incensed by this play.
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Habs forward literally shaking with anger over missed penalty call

Should Rodrigues' hit have been a penalty?

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Penalty and suspension4517.8 %
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