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Connor Bedard snaps after Avalanche try to injure him

Published March 1, 2024 at 6:35

Last night, the Colorado Avalanche and Chicago Blackhawks squared off for a game, and it went exactly how everyone would think with a 5-0 Avalanche win. However, the Avalanche still had to literally hack and slash their way to a win, including a brutal two-hand slash on Connor Bedard.

Fans are talking about the play between Josh Manson and Connor Bedard. While skating through the slot without the puck, Manson delivers a sharp slash to the open wrist of Bedard, who immediately dropped his stick and winced in pain. The play went uncalled for a penalty, and Bedard lost it on the bench, and was also seen talking to the refs later in the game.

Some fans are accusing Manson of direct intent to injure towards Bedard. It is an intent to inflict pain on Bedard at the least, and it's absolutely not a hockey play - it should've at least been penalized, but this could be a fine as well.

That's intent to injure. There is no other explanation. There will be no fine or suspension (lol), but Manson knows exactly what he's doing. The league should punish this stuff because it's clear what he's doing and there's no reason for it. That's not hockey.

Bedard shouldn't be afraid to stand up for himself directly when he gets intimidated by physical plays like this. Part of growing and maturing in the NHL now is accepting that the referees will only help so much, and that most battles are settled man to man on the ice.
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Connor Bedard snaps after Avalanche try to injure him

Should Manson be fined for this slash?

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No16015 %
No, should be a penalty though18217 %
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