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Canucks fans release song taunting the Edmonton Oilers

Published May 10, 2024 at 4:42 PM

There's been plenty of pretty awful playoff fan-made anthems for their teams, and that's includes both the Oilers and Canucks fanbases. Two Canucks fans released a song that taunts the Oilers, and it unfortunately is pretty funny.

Two Canucks fans took U2's song Where the Streets Have No Name, the Canucks playoff entry song, and simply rewrote it to say the Oilers suck on repeat. The song opens with ‘McDavid sucks' and goes on to target every other Oiler, as well as the Bruins and Mark Messier.

If you can get over the fact that it's a bit against our own team in Oil Country, it actually is pretty funny, using the tune of the team's unique playoff song and not trying to do too much other than saying the Oilers suck. Surely even these guys, along with everyone else in the NHL doesn't actually think that McDavid sucks at hockey - it's just for a joke.

Canucks and Oilers fans release songs to celebrate team in playoffs

Releasing these fan-produced songs has become somewhat of a tradition for Canadian hockey fans, especially in Edmonton, Vancouver, and Calgary. All three teams' fans have released playoff hype songs in years past, most of which are pretty catchy but cringy. Easily the best of these is the Oilers version.

The Oilers anthem singer also released a new playoff song to the tune of La Bamba.

The songs just showcase the absolute passion of hockey fans in the western Canada. Some Oilers fans may need to step up and respond after Canucks fans dropped this latest bomb, the best of any yet.
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Canucks fans release song taunting the Edmonton Oilers

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