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Paul Coffey on the Oilers bench
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Oilers coach Paul Coffey under NHL investigation for gesture at fan

Published May 10, 2024 at 11:29

This is a shocking and brutal development for the Edmonton Oilers. According to the Hockey News this morning, Oilers assistant coach and franchise legend Paul Coffey is under investigation for making a racist gesture.

»Coffey allegedly made a gesture towards the fan's head turban that was "racist in nature." After some time the fan was removed for banging on the glass.
The Hockey News has learned that both the Oilers organization and the NHL are investigating the incident - looking to see if there is clear video of the incident taking place.»

After game one against Vancouver, fans in attendance accused Coffey of making a racist gesture towards a fan who was banging on the glass behind the bench. The fan was removed, but the allegation was made immediately and the NHL has since begun their investigation.

Oilers coach Paul Coffey under investigation for making racist gesture

If there is truth to these allegations, surely it was caught on video. In a space as public as the Oilers bench in front of a national television broadcast, if this event truly did take place, it was likely caught on video.

The NHL's investigation will be looking for this exact video proof, and then assessing it to see if it truly was discriminatory in nature. If that is all found to be true, it would bring about harsh consequences for Coffey - likely an immediate and permanent suspension from the NHL.

Unfortunately, Coffey does have a history of such behaviour. While coaching minor hockey for the Toronto Marlboros in the GTHL, Coffey was suspended three games for using a discriminatory slur.

Hopefully for all involved, no such racist gesture took place. It would be devastating for the Oilers to lose a franchise icon and effective coach, but if these allegations are true, then a permanent expulsion would be in order.
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Oilers coach Paul Coffey under NHL investigation for gesture at fan

What should the penalty be if the allegations against Coffey are proven true by the NHL investigation?

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