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Leafs ownership has scathing review of team playoff failure

Published May 10, 2024 at 9:02

Moments ago, the Toronto Maple Leafs began their end of season press conference following yet another playoff failure. After 7 first round exits in 8 years, ownership seems to be demanding massive change.

Keith Pelley is now the acting CEO of Maple Leafs ownership, and he delivered a scathing review that ‘good is simply not good enough.' Pelley stressed that ownership's sole goal is to win the Stanley Cup at all costs.

Surprisingly after 10 years of total failure with the organization, Brendan Shanahan will be retaining his job. Still, the tone shifted from Shanahan as well. Shanahan used to be the most staunch supporter of keeping the core four forwards together, but now has stressed that everything is on the table - even when asked about Marner and Tavares waiving their No Move Clauses. After a repeating of the pattern of failure in the first round, the Maple Leafs clearly need to adjust their process.

Leafs will explore change to roster core this offseason

With approval from the highest level of ownership and President Brendan Shanahan, it's expected now that the Leafs will explore changes to the team at the highest level.

Mitch Marner seems to be the most likely candidate for a move, being the youngest player and seeking a raise on his next contract. Simply put, there's no justification for the Maple Leafs to give Marner his expected raise to $12M. The Leafs may ask Marner to waive his no-movement clause in the final year of his contract, and it's believed that even Marner himself may be ready for a fresh start.

With everyone in agreement and the firing of Sheldon Keefe, the Maple Leafs plan to build around the core four has failed. It's time for a reassessment of their entire roster construction, especially the star players.
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Leafs ownership has scathing review of team playoff failure

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