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Prominent Oilers insider declares Connor McDavid better than Gretzky

Published May 9, 2024 at 7:44 PM

Earlier today on an episode of the Spittin Chiclets, long time Oilers reporter Bob Stauffer was their guest. He brough up how he grew up in Edmonton and after seeing the Gretzky era, he feels Connor Mcdavid is more advanced and called him a cheat code.

»I'll say it, cause I grew up in Edmonton and watched Wayne Gretzky, and he was in his prime with the Oilers . . . That being said, McDavid has a more advanced game. He's a cheat code, and we all know that.»
-Bob Stauffer

Both players had their own era which had different circumstances and ways the game was played. Gretzky did most of his damage behind the net and was still a prolific goal scorer. McDavid is all about his speed and hand eye coordination along with talent that makes him so great. His ability to read the puck and bring different ways to be elite certainly gives the view that he is a cheat code.

After their disappointing loss against the Canucks after having a 4-2 lead with 10 minutes left in the third period, McDavid spoke to the media and gave his thoughts on what transpired how he felt the team tried to hold the lead. He doesn't seem fazed and is willing to shake it off and focus on Game 2.

McDavid has been strong in the playoffs thus far as he has contributed through distribution and not goal scoring as through six games, he has scored one goal and 12 assists for 13 points with a +2.

McDavid and the Oilers will face off against the Canucks in round 2 on May 10th and game time will be 10:00pm Eastern
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Prominent Oilers insider declares Connor McDavid better than Gretzky

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