Kaiden Guhle with the Montreal Canadiens.
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BREAKING: Guhle to be suspended for brutal slash while on the bench

Published March 29, 2024 at 11:05

Moments ago, news broke that Montreal Canadiens defenceman Kaiden Guhle will be suspended for slashing Philadelphia's Travis Konecny from the bench.

Konecny was skating by the Canadiens' bench after mixing it up with a player on the ice, and in retaliation, Guhle reached off the bench and slashed Konecny hard in the hand.

It's honestly a disgusting play from Guhle. A player attacking another on the ice from the safety of the bench, especially with a slash, is a cowardly and dangerous act. Guhle could've injured Konecny as badly as a broken hand, and never left the bench to do so.

There's not much precedent for this kind of play, so it's interesting to see what the Department of Player Safety will decide to do. This suspension should be a harsh one to send a strong message that slashing players from the bench is never acceptable. It's not an in-person hearing, so the suspension will be 5 games or less.

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BREAKING: Guhle to be suspended for brutal slash while on the bench

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