The Edmonton Oilers make a huge announcement:

Published October 12, 2023 at 11:29 PM

Jeff Jackson and the Edmonton Oilers seem to be adding to their front office at a rapid pace.

Rylan Kearney, a former NWHL Alumni, has been added to the Oilers regional scouting staff.

The Oilers are Kearney's first professional NHL gig after she worked for the NWHL as its first commissioner.

After attending Northeastern University, Kearney founded the NWHL in 2015 and worked for the NHL until 2021, when she resigned.

After leaving the NWHL, Kearney took on various executive consulting roles and youth hockey roles to stay involved in the game. According to an interview with The Athletic's Hailey Salvian, in March 2023 after Kearney transitioned from commissioner to President in 2020, was not of her own volition.

«I was completely caught off guard when the idea of me stepping down as commissioner was presented,» Rylan told Salvian. «I was able to reason, I was able to think about the greater good, even though I was obviously hurt by the idea of stepping down and taking a lesser role. And stepping away completely was just like a gut punch. I was stepping away from something that was my everything.»

The NWHL would later re-brand as the PHF in 2021, as the PWHL will be premiering soon in place of the NWHL and the PHF. A debut season will be held in 2024 for the PWHL across North American cities.

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The Edmonton Oilers make a huge announcement:

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