One NHL Team is Foregoing the Leagues Pride Tape Ban

Published October 12, 2023 at 8:58 PM

A ban on pride tape was soon followed by the NHL's end-of-specialty warmups after controversy tainted the reputations of several NHL players.

The league felt it was necessary to protect the reputation of a minority of players by removing charitable items from special nights, as some players did not like bright colors, were against their religion, and had other reasons to not wear the warmups.

There is, however, one NHL team that is not following the NHL's new directive and has ordered Pride Tape instead.

You know you've made the wrong decision when former NHL GM Brian Burke calls you out.

Several NHL teams have consulted Pride Tape co-founder Jeff MacLean regarding how to deal with the issue along with multiple personalities taking aim at the league. A team in the NHL is in full revolt and has already placed an order.

«We are talking with teams this week about what we can do. We want to talk about what more we can do on Pride Night. And I'm really optimistic about that,» McLean said Tuesday. «And if we have this conversation a week from now, there will be more teams on board.»

The NHL's decision to ban Pride Tape has disappointed Pride Tape, but it is optimistic and has other options in the hockey world besides the NHL alone.

However, it is great to hear that teams are revolting.

Thank you for all the kindness and support from all over the world over the last 24 hours.

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One NHL Team is Foregoing the Leagues Pride Tape Ban

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