The NHL's Policy Hurts The Oilers and 3 More Last Night

Published October 12, 2023 at 3:57 PM

NHL Cap Space Policy Leaves Teams Short-Handed on Opening Night

On the opening night of the 2023-24 NHL season, the league's cap space policy is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. As fans gear up for a night of exciting hockey, the impact of this policy is becoming clear for four teams.

The NHL began its season with three games last night and scheduled six more for tonight. However, what should be a celebration of hockey's return is dampened for the Edmonton Oilers and three other teams, who are feeling the squeeze of cap constraints.

Edmonton and Vancouver, set to face off, find themselves with limited options due to the cap space policy. With only 11 forwards and 6 defensemen, they will need to strategize their game accordingly. Frank Seravalli, an insider, suggests that these lineups may see changes as the game unfolds, but this could've been avoided if Bettman's policy favoured teams more.

The Los Angeles Kings, who open their season against the Colorado Avalanche, are also affected. They're forced to dress just 17 skaters, a consequence of injuries and cap limitations. Key players like Viktor Arvidsson's injury and Arthur Kaliyev's suspension have left the Kings short of available forwards.

The Ottawa Senators are in a similar predicament, with 17 skaters in their lineup. Zack MacEwen's injury prevents him from playing, and Josh Norris's absence further complicates matters. Ottawa's decision not to move Norris to long-term injured reserve aims to create cap space to call up a replacement for MacEwen. Additionally, the Senators are working to re-sign free agent Shane Pinto, adding another layer of complexity to their cap space considerations.

While the games tonight promise excitement, the focus will also be on how these teams navigate cap constraints. The challenges they face will test their adaptability and strategy, making opening night even more intriguing for fans and analysts.

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The NHL's Policy Hurts The Oilers and 3 More Last Night

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