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Ryan McLeod Explains Why He Took Less Money

Published August 4, 2023 at 9:03

As general managers across the NHL begin to finalize their summer plans and construct potential rosters for October, many still have a few loose ends to tie up in contract negotiations. One of these players was Ryan McLeod for the Oilers, who recently signed a new two-year contract worth 2.1 million per season. After the signing, McLeod met with the media to explain why he accepted a lower salary.

McLeod recognized the importance of making financial sacrifices to improve the team's chances of competing for the Stanley Cup. He understood that creating room for other players and building a complete lineup were vital factors in achieving the ultimate goal.

He stated,
"Coming back to this group, there's not a lot of money, but I think on most of the teams that are hopefully looking to make a deep push in the playoffs, there's not a lot of money on a lot of those teams. I think you kinda gotta sacrifice a bit for the group, and if you can sacrifice a bit and we win a Cup, I think it all plays out. (I'm) just looking to have a huge year for this team, I think winning gets everyone paid and makes everyone happier, so just looking to do that."

McLeod has established himself as a defensive specialist on the offensive end with the Oilers, and his shutdown abilities have flourished over the past year or two. He aims to have an even better season by focusing on his defensive roots and becoming more of an energy player, while also contributing to the offense to benefit the team.

"Just sticking with my defensive roots and trying to be more of an energy guy, but I think if I could keep chipping in on offence and pick up in that area, it obviously helps the team and improves my game too. Just hoping to help the team any way we can," McLeod explained.

When asked, what the Oilers need to do to consistently compete for the Stanley Cup, McLeod highlighted the importance of consistency and giving their best effort every night.

"I think what we need to work on as a group is being more consistent and bringing our best game every night. When our team is playing at its best, you know no one can hang with us, so that's a good sign. But I think the consistency needs to be there, and going into next season, I believe we're a really motivated group. No one's too happy after last season or winning just one round. We have a lot to prove, and we're a hungry group coming in," McLeod asserted.

With McLeod's contract now settled, the Oilers will shift their focus to retaining Evan Bouchard's services for the long term.
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Ryan McLeod Explains Why He Took Less Money

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