New Oilers CEO Shares a Funny McDavid Story

Published August 4, 2023 at 9:03

In the 21st century, NHL fans learn about the lifestyles of their favourite superstars. Most of these players are deeply engrossed in their game and how to enhance their skills.

One such player is Connor McDavid, whose former agent, Jeff Jackson, has now become the new CEO of hockey operations for the Oilers, replacing Bob Nicholson.

During his opening press conference, Jackson decided to share an amusing story about the elite center. He recounted the time when McDavid won his first Hart, Lindsay, and Art Ross trophies.

"There's a funny story that I can't stop thinking about," Jackson said when asked about McDavid. "I believe it was after he won his first Hart, Lindsay, and Art Ross Trophies. We were in Vegas for the awards, I went to the draft, and he went home."

"It was a Tuesday, and he went to the ice and texted me, 'I feel like crap.' But he had just won all those awards. Then Adam, who worked with me at Wasserman, went over to Connor's parent's place to deliver something. He rang the front doorbell, and the garage door went up. He looked inside, and there was Connor, in his rollerblades, at his mom and dad's place, even though he didn't live there anymore. He was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, working on his game, and refining his skills. That sort of thing exemplifies what he's all about."

This anecdote reflects the true dedication and passion that McDavid has for the game. Even after achieving significant milestones and winning major awards, he continues to take his game seriously and strives to improve.

That same year, McDavid scored thirty goals and earned 100 points in just his second NHL season. There seems to be no limit to the potential of this impressive young man, and he will undoubtedly continue to reach new heights.
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New Oilers CEO Shares a Funny McDavid Story

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